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Check digit EAN-13

With this program you can create a standard EAN-13 barcode and download a high quality JPEG, PNG, BMP or TIFF image (barcode generator, barcode creator, barcode maker).
The program is perfect for EAN-13 barcode check digit calculation .
The program is perfect for checking the numbers of EAN-13 barcodes (Is such a 13-digit barcode possible?).

Text files

Text Files Merger

  • Combines all types of text files: txt, bat, csv, bat, dat, ini, log, xml and others
  • Convenient file management window. The files can be arranged in the desired order
  • The file name and other information can be added before the contents of each file
MP logo

Magic World

Online RPG genre game, in which you will have to fight against various creatures and other players.
You can carry out missions, use items and magic, develop your skills, create and join clans, abducting and protecting the castle, tame animals, recruit allies and lead them and many others. And at the same time can play hundreds of players!
The game more than 2000 locations, over 30 spells, about 500 items – weapons, armor, elixir, food, etc., about 100 different dialogues with NPCs, 30 skills that can develop, such as “animal taming”, “stealing” , “smith”, “fisher”, etc. You can chat with other players, fight with them, make friendship.

Check digit EAN-13 Android logo

Check digit EAN-13 (Android)

The program calculates the EAN-13 barcode check digit. You will need to enter 12 barcode digits and the program will calculate and display the 13th digit (this is a check digit). The program also generates a standard EAN-13 barcode, which you can save in PNG format (barcode generator, barcode creator, barcode maker).
Discount logo

Discount calculator

This app helps to easily calculate the final price of the products after discount.
You need to enter the sales price and discount, and the app will show you the price after discount.
You can also specify the quantity.
The program allows you to calculate the total price of all items.
Key features:
– Easy to specify the price and discount
– You can specify the quantity
– Easy to calculate the final cost of the shopping basket
– User-friendly interface.
Quadratic Equation logo

Quadratic equation

The program is designed to quadratic equations. Showing not only the answer, but the complete solution. The program is designed for students to check how well solved the equation.